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Tanazania Mutwari - Excellent coffee! Never tasted anything like it. Totally unique!!! Definitely buy again!

Richard JVerified Buyer

Smooth tasting! Delicious..  Will definitely order more 👍🏻

Nikki SVerified Buyer

GREAT COFFEE -  As a non avid coffee drinker this coffee's taste is allowing me to kick my energy drink habit. More orders are definitely to come.

Zach TVerified Buyer

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Which Brewing Method is Right for Me?

Which Brewing Method is Right for Me?

At good [Fn] coffee, for the best results, we recommend purchasing whole bean coffee and grinding right before you brew. However, we do sell French Press, Drip, and Espresso Grinds. No matter which brewing method you ultimately decide is right for you there are a few constants that apply to all.
Selecting the Right Coffee Grind Size

Selecting the Right Coffee Grind Size

The coarseness of your ground coffee depends on what brewing method you are going to use. Basically, if you brew coffee that is ground too coarse your coffee will be weak. If the coffee is ground too fine your coffee will be strong and bitter. The coffee grind size can greatly affect the taste of your final brew.